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What makes remote video control system worthy to install:

  • Assured mean of prevention from thefts, break-ins, property damage, personal injuries;
  • Internal control of processes;
  • Personnel control;
  • Identification of company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Video monitoring center

Remote video surveillance - the rapidly evolving security method to monitor, detect and identify the processes and events in the protected site and the object itself.

For theft from business premises, many of their owners are turning to video surveillance and locking systems. While video surveillance cameras physically can not hold the criminal, but the video surveillance system is a great preventive measure in the fight against hackers. Often people prefer video surveillance systems, and remote video monitoring service as an integrated security system. High-quality video surveillance system has an obvious advantage in identifying an intruder or investigating and proving thefts.

Video surveillance systems, and remote video surveillance is becoming increasingly necessary for businesses suffering from thieves or the bad reputation carrying people.

Remote video monitoring is an excellent choice for modern and dynamic business because:

  • this is a great preventive measure - burglars avoid both protected and monitored areas, as well as indoor and outdoor territories;
  • processes and events you can can monitor yourselves, as well as given opportunity for each department responsible employee to monitor area processes. Company‘s executive management can monitor the entire area;
  • always saved archival copy;
  • activating the security alarm system, you can easily identify whether it was a false alarm or not;
  • capture emergencies in the premises and operatively react to events;
  • save costs instead of providing it to security staff (physical protection);
  • per customers' request, we can connect our protected object to our monitoring center, which staffed by qualified professionals.