What makes our infoanalytical services worthy to use?

  • We provide essential information, consultations and hands-on assistance to ensure company’s development.
  • We provide reliable information regarding potential/actual clients.
  • We help to avoid risk in business relations with insolvent, fictitious companies as well as restrict possible cooperation with companies previously in debt.
  • We reduce risk when signing contract with payment delay.
  • We reduce risk of dealing with companies which have ambiguous consideration of reputation and behaviour in the market.
  • We save Your time and costs which You would spend searching for required information Yourselves.

Creditworthiness reports

The aim of creditworthiness reports (information reports) is to provide you with high quality and comprehensive information collected from many sources. We analyse the data obtained from a variety of public and private data sources to provide you with complete and systemized information.

The content of the information depends on the country of registration of the company under investigation.

The reports shall comprise the following:

  • Identification data
  • Company’s activities
  • Licensed activities
  • Shareholders, managers
  • Number of employees
  • Court information
  • Financial data (balance sheets, income statements, financial indicators)
  • Related companies
  • Property seizure information
  • Press releases
  • Other information
  • Information on international restrictive measures and sanctions imposed on the company and its managers
  • Company’s credit rating

Monitoring of companies

In order to prevent debts, timely reaction to changes of business partners activity is vital. We offer company monitoring service so You could monitor Your clients’ status. According to list of companies given by You, at agreed periodicity we will provide You the following information:

  • Change of registration data;
  • Property;
  • Legal proceedings;
  • Liens and mortgages;
  • Debts;
  • Press reports.

Monitoring of Human Resource

Complexity of Human Resource monitoring services consists of:

  • Periodic analysis of employees’ activity;
  • Periodic control of personnel work regime;
  • Investigation of misuse cases and fraudulent activity ;
  • Screening and testing of candidates;
  • Search for qualified Human Resource.

Complexity of services helps to minimize losses incurring due to fraudulent activity of employees.

Periodic press reviews of business sectors

A world of modern information technology leads to managers spending a lot of time on searching for and processing the necessary information in order to see the market situation better. Part of important information regarding market changes, competitors actions and plans stays unnoticed.

In order to ease the workflow of managers and professionals our analysts prepare periodic press reviews of business sectors about Lithuania‘s, Latvia‘s or Estonia‘s markets.

Press information is being structured according to client’s needs and provided in a requested form and periodicity. Practice shows that most common subscriptions are monthly press reviews.

Market researches

Market researches are a source of valuable and reliable information about competitors, products, services, market shares, etc.

Main reason for ordering market researches is clients’ urge to get to know the market they operate in and evaluate advantages and disadvantages of their company in aspect of other competitive providers of service.

Market researches provide much needed information when introducing a new product or service, setting up a new business, or wishing thouroughly to analyse the situation in the specific market segment.

Periodic analysis of the situation in the market also helps to reveal the counterfactual production, copyright violations and other cases in which the client's rights are violated.