What makes our security services worthy to use?

  • Physical protection activities are organized and controlled by the rich experience possessed in this fiel our specialists who able to adapt their professional security skills to the protected objects of the business processes.
  • We have developed physical security services to a complete security system - to ensure the continuity and quality performance of the functions they control. In the event of changes (for example, the exchange of staff), high-quality tasks process continues.
  • In providing services we are guided by the principle of impartiality, it's also applies carrying out the employee control.
  • It is understood that the protection of ongoing control functions are closely intertwined with the most protected objects of administration and organization of work processes, thus we strive to know and understand that we can develop an effective security enforcement.
  • Our security guards work - not only to protect the object property, individuals or to maintain its regime, but through our company's proven security principles and in line with the customer's needs, to help optimize the protected site activities.
  • Security personnel control is carried out by support of the electronic system Guard Patrol-5000.
  • All security services offered to customers are insured by our material responsibility. UAB OPACUM has insured its business activity by civil liability.

In 1996 of August The Ministry of Internal Affairs has issued a license for our company, which gives the right to carry out security services. All security staff have completed security guard training courses, passed the exams and acquired the security guard licenses. To the protection of individuals are appointed experienced security personnel (bodyguards) who can perform the assigned legal tasks.

Careful selection of employees, developed through a good working condition helps to prevent staff turnover, maintanance of a high and unchangeable service quality.

Our security service provides the following services:

Property security - protection and consulting of the movable and immovable property questions.

Bodyguard – client‘s protection against attacks on his life and health. After analyzing the client's needs and potential threats, offered optimum protection option. To protect the client is taken measurement such as accompany by a reliable, highly qualified, armed bodyguard, equipped with special tools. Bodyguard communicates with the central unit and the response team. This service is available throughout all the territory of Lithuania. In cooperation with partners in personal protection can take care in these countries as Estonia, Latvia and Kaliningrad. They are conducting client’s security assurance during business deals.

Object security – gained considerable big experience in protecting both large areas as well as small buildings and premises. Depending on the type of object, in teritorry works security personnel and is used video surveillance equipment and other special measures. As well we carry out theft and fraud investigations in the protected object.

Mass event security – according to pre-agreed plan with the client company's employees help maintain public order during mass events, efficiently and professionally take decisions in the event of unforeseen situations. Mass events, concerts, sports competitions, exhibitions, conferences, private celebrations, where the expected large number of people are at increased risk zone, where instantly can lead to dangerous situations. Therefore, security staff is ready to protect people, material values, to ensure public order and the persons involved in the events and in the guests escort ensure their safety. And securing the mass events has to be particularly well-coordinated functions and operatively taken decisions, because in the mass crowded places are always happen unforeseen situations. To reduce this risk, the big attention is given to the preparatory work.

Security and escort of cargo and other valuables – our armed employees escort cargo through Lithuanian territory by company‘s vechicle or client’s transport, ensuring freight‘s and/or individual’s safety.

Commercial and technological secrets’ protection - carry out the evaluation of the commercial and technological secrets protection, as well as consultation in this area.

Security system installation – electronic security installation and fire alarms, video monitoring, recording and access control systems jointly with our partners.